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ART PLATFORM specializes in cutting edge contemporary fine art with a focus on emerging and
established artists who have pushed the boundaries of traditional medium and exhibition space.
ART PLATFORM aims to widen the knowledge of visual arts in both theoretical and practical
aspects, nourishing experimentation and the originality of young artists coming from all over the
world. Detached from the traditional teaching methods, ART PLATFORM offers a unique
experience that privileges improvisation, debate and growth.
ART PLATFORM ‘s distinctive political stance offer a setting removed from international tension
and encourages reflection and dialogue.
ART PLATFORM facilitates short- and long-term professional development, allowing artists to
broaden their knowledge base, develop new and meaningful professional contacts and
relationships, create future work opportunities, refine their networking skills, and build other vital
professional capacities.
ART PLATFORM is a publishing platform and archive, artist project, curatorial platform, and
enterprise. Its projects describe since then strains of critical discourse surrounding contemporary
art, culture, and theory internationally. ART PLATFORM aims to identify and explore current
themes, trends, and innovations in contemporary art across all media and disciplines. This is a
remarkable opportunity for artists at any stage to exhibit in a vetted exhibition in the heart of
London’s vibrant art community.
ART PLATFORM is an art organisation working at the intersection between UK and
international practices and debates. We commission emerging UK-based and
international artists to present their first major exhibitions in the UK; and develop a
highly-respected international residencies programme, which offers rare opportunities
for international artists to research and develop new work in London. All programmes
are accompanied by events and participatory workshops that engage audiences directly
with artists and their work.
Process and development are fundamental to ART PLATFORM. We establish long-term
relationships with artists and work with them to test out new ideas and establish
dialogue with peers and the public. This level of support allows artists to confidently
make a significant new step in their professional career, whether the outcome is a
work-in-progress, an event or an exhibition.

ART PLATFORM is currently looking for applications.

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