Contactless, a conceptual dérive is inspired by the Situationists idea of the dérive as a weapon against everyday alienation and boredom. The dérive was based on psychogeography, the exploration of urban environments that emphasises playfulness and "drifting”. In today’s situation of shared impossibility of movement, these concepts acquire particular significance. 


On the one hand, this project has no pre-defined ending - it buys time… - and aims at the development of a collaboratively-produced fictional narrative where the interaction of distant subjects may contribute to the creation of literary characters or locations. On the other hand, the project will be documented online and may be object of a later artist publication and event. 


The first stage of Contactless asks participants to define the concept of “contact” in the shortest possible way. The task can be approached descriptively as well as metaphorically or philosophically. Based on the nature and inherent relations between different submissions, selected participants will then be divided in couples and put in touch with each other to proceed with stage 2.


directed by Sandwich

produced by Chadart


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